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Streamline Your Business Operations with Comprehensive Facility Solutions in Kenya

Expert Services in Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Welding, Interior Finishes & Biogas Solutions

Elevate your facility’s performance with our comprehensive facility solutions in Kenya. From electrical installations to interior renovations and biogas solutions, our experts handle it all. Contact us today to optimize your operations while focusing on your business success.

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Mechanical Welding

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Electrical Works

Premier electrical works provider in Kenya, Pellucid Multiservice ensures seamless operations for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Mechanical Works

In Kenya’s bustling business scene, Pellucid Multiservice ensures peak performance for your essential equipment, fostering efficiency and success.

Refrigeration & AC Works

Pellucid Multiservice crafts customized refrigeration and air conditioning solutions, prioritizing customer service and fostering enduring partnerships.

Welding Works

Pellucid Multiservice offers top-quality welding and metal fabrication services, specializing in diverse metal works for varied industry needs.

Interior Finishes

Pellucid Multiservice specializes in interior finishes, elevating spaces with partitioning and painting services for beauty and functionality.

Biogas Plants

Pellucid Multiservice: Trusted partner for biogas plants. From design to maintenance, we deliver efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly solutions.

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Uncover How We Can Optimize Your Facility

Discover our team’s in-depth expertise in all facility maintenance and renovation needs.

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Our Promise Kept

“We’re thrilled with the biogas plant installed by Pellucid Multiservice. Their expertise and dedication to sustainability have helped us achieve significant cost savings while reducing our environmental impact.”

Sarah Mutunga

“We’re grateful for Pellucid Multiservice’s expert electrical works and maintenance. Their prompt response and reliable service have kept our operations running smoothly without any downtime.”

Patrick Jale

“Pellucid Multiservice’s refrigeration and air conditioning solutions have been a game-changer for our business. Their customized approach and top-quality service have ensured our equipment operates at peak performance.”

Zackaria Njeri

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